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Building on a Slope

Each parcel includes a driveway with a "turn-around" area at the house site.

This is NOT a complete building site!

It is only an area to get your vehicle turned around and to give you an idea how the lot will lay and the view.

We do the minimum required to achieve this goal and leave it up to you to finish the site to your satisfaction.

However, the turnaround area and driveway can save you BIG money and serve as a major part of the overall design and positioning of the house as you can see below.

Building on a slope

NOTE: We do not build houses. However, we can assist you in your efforts to obtain a good building contractor or the various subcontractors necessary to build your dream home.

We have the experience and know who's good and who's not.

We don't charge for this service, nor do we receive any kickbacks for recommendations we make. This is purely a free service that we offer to those who decide to purchase in Featherstone.

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Contact: Bill Vernon 828-524-0863