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Can't Find the Home of Your dreams? Build One!

One of the biggest complaints we hear from folks shopping the local real estate market is that they just can't find the house they are looking for--too few listings, too old, too dated, bad area, bad roads, bad access, too small, etc. To that we say … BUILD ONE and get what you want!

We can help. Although we specialize in land development and are not builders, we know the construction market well and have recent, first-hand building experience and connections. If you want a complete turnkey Builder or you want to build it yourself and need to know what subcontractors to use, we can help!

We DO NOT charge for this, nor do we make any referral fee or any other form of compensation.

We offer this service FREE to those who purchase in Featherstone.

Many who decide to build then generate income by offering the home for short-term vacation rentals.

Franklin has a GREAT local management company to make it VERY simple for you.

Building on a Slope

Each parcel includes a driveway with a "turn-around" area at the house site.

This is NOT a complete building site!

It is only an area to get your vehicle turned around and to give you an idea how the lot will lay and the view.

We do the minimum required to achieve this goal and leave it up to you to finish the site to your satisfaction.

However, the turnaround area and driveway can save you BIG money and serve as a major part of the overall design and positioning of the house as you can see below.

Building on a slope r />

Here is a very large house built on a slope that is about equal to
Parcel #36 or Parcel #38 of Featherstone.

House on a Slope

House on a Slope

House on a Slope

Carolina Builders

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